Fjölmyndakort, Mývatn

Vörunúmer: 83651

169 kr

'Text on back of card: Mývatn - an area rich in geological and volcanic wonders. Clockwise from top left: vivid earth colors and steam vents at the solfatara region by Mt. Námafjall. Lake Mývatn supports many species of birds, ducks and fish. In and around the lake are strange rock formations and pseudo craters. Jarðböðin (earth baths) is a lagoon filled with mineral-rich geothermal water offering a rejuventating bathing experience. Dimmuborgir (the dark city) is filled with labyrinths of fantastic lava formations. A bubbling mudpit in the solfatara region. Aerial view of the lava fields of Dimmuborgir, Mt. Hlíðarfjall, and Hverfell, a 1 km wide explosion crater.

Stærð: 170 mm /6,7 in.

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