Jökulsárlón, Versl. Í Forgr

Vörunúmer: 81034

129 kr

Text on back of card: Jökulsárlón - The lagoon formed when Vatnajökull, Europe´s largest glacier, began its retreat from the shore of south Iceland around 1950. The lagoon is filled with icebergs breaking off the glacial tongue. The lagoon is very deep, about 190 meters. The bridge built in 1967 will eventually be obsolete as the river feeding the lagoon shortens due to sea erosion and the bay widens due to glacial melting. The lagoon's surface now is almost to sea level and as sea water enters with the tides, water temperature increases. Fish such as salmon, capelin and herring are present in the lagoon as well as the harbor seals that feed off them. Arctic Terns and Eider Ducks are also common visitors.

Stærð: 148 mm /5,8 in.

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